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  Im doing commissions for points and there are other things you can have in it. there will be no creatures or small animals for this. I will allow ponies, furries, humans, your species but NO one else. here's what you can have in your Headshot. h

*Sunset shading 20:points: 
*color outline 20:points: 
*two characters 20:points: 
*background ( may send background pic) 20:points: 
*quote 20:points: 
*code for page ( 30+) 30:points: 


*Plain body 70Points 
one body with background 20Points+
two bodies 140Points 
two bodies with background 200Points 
sunset shade will add 20 points




* one is 50 Points 
*two is 100Points 
extra detail in background is 80Points 


if you want CODES for it to be on your page will be 150 Points 

:redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: :redalert: 
you must pay first when i say!

hope to serve to be served XD
- You have to type 20 facts about yourself.
- You have to copy this roolz.
- You have to drag a minimum of 8 people into this.

- I am kinda short, 5'3
-I am a bisexual and my family doesn't know except my sister.
-strange as it is, my mom is white and my dad is full Mexican and I'm Mexican, but part Irish from my grandma and some Italian from some ancestors. 
- from my OC you'll think I'm cute but I look like a moldy potato. truth be told. 
- I used to have a boyfriend and a girlfriend.
-I have parents who went to jail before for killing someone.
-I've been training for drawing for 5 years and I'm the best at my type of grade. so far=-
- I loved villains before Villainous came out OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-
- Pastel-lucky-rabbitt and I were friends for a year or so and still are. we had some more fun in some app called PEN.UP 
-I only watch cartoon movies but ill watch some scary action movies or movies that look interesting like Beauty and the Beast 2017 or 47 Meters Down in the Deep. 
- I go for all fandoms such as MLP, Powerpuff Girls, any at all. don't care! 
- I have depression but don't talk about it and when I talk to someone about it I talk normally for some reason. 
- I don't think Coco is a copyright of The Book of Life and I know why. Pixar confirmed it wasn't but I could be wrong-
- I have anger problems lol-
-I love my style and my cat, Captain Mittens because he reminds me of some captain from an old movie and a Foxy robot guy voice. 
- my family is known as the least acting part for no reason. they most of the time never invite us to parties.
- I get bullied ever since second grade. and still now. 
-I might like someone here on DA..................... shush-
- I don't really like getting Core on here.
- when there is drama on my friends and they just say block and report I go and get angry. whoops!
- my best friend is CookieCupcakesGalore and I always get her gifts help- she's just... sweet! 
- when I have points I go acting like I'm shopping at Target. 
- when people think I'm nice and then they make me a gift for it I scream.  YOU CALL ME NICE WUT-
-In real like and I see my friends I will jump on them and hug them until there's no such thing as time. 
- Xibalba from the Book of Life, Black Hat from Villainous, Joker from the Lego Batman Movie, Lord Stingray from Superjail, Nergal from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Aku from Samurai Jack, Hades from the cartoon Hercules, THEY ARE MY FAVORITE-
- I love Team Fortress 2 more then Overwatch. 
- I save up at times when I don't need it what-
- Im kinaaaaaa fat welp-
- got my name from my nickname, Lina and Broz from PewDiePie back then. LinaBroz. Used to be LinaBro! EWWWWWWWWW-

CookieCupcakesGalore cupcake nose-
Skylar2281 creative mind-
Swirly-Draws needs love-
SomeStraightArtist nice guy-
Freakly-Silent animator awesomeness
wis13 kind as fuc-
starthefriendlywolf mctrashio 1
got from Swirly-Draws 
-I will feature the first ten users who comment on this journal below. 
-Next to their avatars, I'll link three of my favourite gallery pieces with full thumbnails. 
-If you comment here you must make a journal like this and do the same thing as I have, putting me in the first slot.

1. :iconswirly-draws: mEW by Swirly-Draws  Dove by Swirly-Draws  Captain Lily by Swirly-Draws
2. :iconskylar2281:  Fite Us Scrub! [Squad 17] by Skylar2281  Spoopy [Squad 16/ Collab] by Skylar2281 Group Photo! [Squad 15] by Skylar2281
3. :icontake-out-the-trashxd:  Ekitai Soap (REF) by Take-Out-The-TrashXD .:Fluffy Bby:. by Take-Out-The-TrashXD  .:Toodles:. (REF) by Take-Out-The-TrashXD
Hello, Villains! I've seen people trying to be popular and I want to give some hints and facts on how. got it from vids!

1. Joining in!
when you join in, you'll want your name sound good. not like Fire-Pixkyuniccorsddd223100000. No much letters! the limit may be four or less! and with numbers, the main is important. make it sound like it shows your art style. Example, pastel-lucky-rabbitt . dashes in it but fits perfectly! pastel is her main thing. so it fits and badabing badaboom! she's popular! you can have like a longish name but not so long it'll take long to memorize. this would work. CookieCupcakesGalore . Galore fits her and its size perfect. I recommend to have no numbers, dashes, long names but if you want any, try to make it look good to these usernames! (check em out)
EX. Starritt, PiemationsArt, ButtonLand, Freaky-Silent, Slirth, Bunaberry, skylar2281  ( real people check on my page)

2. page
have no core? and want to decorate your profile? make something AMAZING and put it in your feature dev slide! then info. sound neat for people to want to know you, and if you want, have a nickname! make your page small with important things. and add some stamps or fan buttons on what you like! some people might like what you like. ALWAYS have your watchers shown. you know why. I say try to add a donate point part to make points. just saying. make it good like starthefriendlywolf profile. always have some part to have all the stuff you want to say! and if you have core decorate your profile with what is based on your profile name! like Bunaberry . don't have a core and want to make it look like you do? here's a look! :iconpastel-lucky-rabbitt: and want to feel like you have friends? add yours in your info part! and make some! wanna know how? here~ (part 3)

3. act
oh, people love to be known as a nice person huh. I was a nice person being here to listen here. When someone thanks you for a watch, fav, etc, always say something nice back but say thank you first. " oh ty so much <33 I love your art btw" or " ty you deserve it, can't wait to see more! ^^" 
use these if for fun; ^^ <3 : ) (NO X3 :3 .-. tut). Making friends is hard. make the perfect ones, someone who can trust you and you can trust. say something good about her/his art! if they reply. keep talking and soon or later, ask to be their friend! easy! wanna make fans? make some fanart of some shows, movies, comics, any and someone will say something! and always ACT MATURE. the main key to everything. to help you, use some big words or do sound stupid. get comments on journals? status post? do something funny or understandable or something you need help with! and some shout outs!! people will love that!

4. talent
everyone has a talent they will have, some similar ones, different, one for all. I recommend you do shading in most of your art like sunset shade, detailed, ESPECIALLY Vivziepops style! search her up, it helped me a lot. watch some cartoons or anime or anything you'll like to draw like, and focus on the detail. keep trying to hit it, every day, and learn small more things each day until your gold baby! DONT DO TRACING! NO STEALING ART WITHOUT PERMISSION, NO ANYTHING BAD. If you don't do art and do some toys, photos, sculptures, try and find an expert and learn! it's very important!! 

5. be yourself.
if you want to act like what you want, go ahead, be who you are! people love that. but don't be those people who get banned, very important. I act like a villain but not in a bad way and I get loved. I love them back. everyone is family and don't give up on doing what you wanted. why did you start? continue for it could bring some good. you might lose a friend or have a moment, keep your friends happy even yourself. focus on maturity.

that's it. from what I know. don't like the 4 rules? just do 5. that's it. 

tysm for reading <333 ily
(Next, CH2)

CH 1

About a 110 degrees outside you expect them to be burning. They are ghosts and they can't feel heat. Or any type of weather feeling. To them its just normal as any other day but at times the sky would be different. King while walking, has seen to be bored out of his mind and saw a rock on the ground. He bent and picked up the rock. "I'm gonna name you Billy. Hello." He put the rock on his head and walked like a king. In the mountains, you are in a forest. He in with the others made a friend!
A rock.
A small rock.
He loved it. He walked to the Sinister and wanted to tell him about his rock. "Hey Sinister! I made a friend! His name is Billy and he's a rock!" Said King. Kaw and his good hearing was hearing this, and just thought, ' OK king is getting weird, we shouldn't have got him. ' and so he told the king, " King, what are you doing with a small rock and naming it? " the king replied, "IM BORED." 
Kaw just looked at him and wanted to check on his sister in front of the group. He floated to her and It was turning dark. And they were close to the water princess. They saw the Water Castle above the trees on a slim mountain top. At last, the Sinister wanted to know her name now, so when Kaw was done talking to her and floated to the king because he wanted to talk about his rock, Sinister floated to her. "Hey, uh, hello."
"Hello Sinister! "
"We've seen each other in a while but you haven't told me your name."
"Really? Mary. Is your name really Sinister."
"No, My name was Sin. As a sin in the seven sins. My mother didn't like me or wanted me. My father did. When I was 16 she kicked me out of home and since my name sounded wrong, and I love classics, I dressed like a Sinister. And named myself it."
"Oh-" before she could finish, she heard shooting.
Robot shooting.
The King, Kaw, Mary, and Sinister, both reacted and ran. The ran as far as they can to the castle. The bullets, were so close to hitting all of them. Mary was getting slow and couldn't fly to get the pase. So she was behind them were she could have a good change to get shot. "MARY!!" Yelled Kaw as she was getting farther.
Mary almost got hit as Kaw watched. Kaw floated to her, grabbed her, and flew back to the others. They soon arrived at the pathway to the entrance to the castle, and Mary was scared as heck as she hold still on Kaw shaking. She got a very small cut as a bullet slid across her right arm back there. Kaw hugged her so keep her calm. As you know, The Sinister had to take care of her and he's a protective guy. He said, " Mary! Are you ok? Are you hurt????" When he said that he saw the cut on her arm, but she'll be ok. "Omg Mary!" As the Sinister floated to her, hugging her with Kaw. The king was standing there and noticed something awful, something wrong.
He lost his rock.
King looked everywhere and said, "MY ROCK IS GONE!" And shed a tear and now fell on the floor. They looked at him and smiled, happy to have a funny person. They later went to the entrance and knocked on the door. 5 minutes had passed and then the door opens slowly as if she didn't expect us. She said in a low voice, "Who is it?"
"Oh yeah, its Mc Donald's, coming in a store near you, NO! Its us, the ghosts you wanted!" Said Kaw. The Princess noticed and let them, as the robots saw in the woods.
"What should we tell the king? " said one robot.
"Everything." Said the other and the robots left to go speak to their king, King Mondravi. 
The evil King.
The robots got a portal from a portal gun, and the robots walked through and got welcomed by the door of their tall, dirty, evil Castle. They opened the door with a special key and went through, seeing the king sitting on his throne. A robot said, "My Lord, we have news from the upcoming team. Sadly, the made through us but we almost got the little one. They met the Princess and she let them in. Hopefully we see them again."
" You let them live? I am surprised! From my strongest team. Good job.
"Good job?"
"Yes! They will bring the Princess and I will two another ruler! The King of Ghosts! It will be perfect! You may leave."
"Can we have candy???" 
"Sure, go ahead." And as they heard they left at full speed. The king has a Chrysler ball and saw cages and cages and cages of all parts of species even the rulers. They always leave one part of the species to see what will happen. Like the Princess. They will leave the kawaii ghosts because the are not strong or mature. The king looked at the Chrysler ball and now saw the team with the Princess. 
"Soon now, soon. You'll be mine."
( next, CH1
Beginning, The Problem.
Let's say its was as sunny as a good Saturday. Blooming clouds and chirping birds just waiting to be noticed. The other lovely ghosts walking their dogs, talking, playing, all was wonderful. 
Then there is Kaw. He's the guy who's lazy and people know that. I wouldn't say people but ghost. He's a plain one. You expect people to like a plain one? Not really because hey, not reality. So he wears a top hat just to shut them up. Got it from a so called friend he tries not to talk to, he does have money though. As other ghosts, they walk just like people. But ghosts float so. The weather was getting hot, too hot for Kaw to be lazy! So after thinking he just snapped. He's gonna walk.
While walking you suspect him to be rude to others. He's as silent as a bug. He wanted to do something so he is doing the worst thing of his life. Exercise. Then he heard something, something rude like him himself. Words, cruel ones, talking about him!
Finally he's doing something for a plain like him.
He's a mean one, but I never known he's out.
Pathetic as he is, he doesn't float as like the rest of us normal ones!
He Kaw, is special. He can hear like a god. But them saying he's not normal? Mean? Pathetic? He understands the mean part because no ones perfect, but them being rude more then he does? And they just look at him when he walks. When he walks close to people he gets pushed around and they talk behind his back.
He had it. " I can't take this anymore, I need someone." He said to himself, and floated to the kings castle. As he walked to the door hours later he heard something familiar.
His sister.
Why would his sister be there? He began to open the door to find the dumb king open his arms and hugged him. "KAWWWWWWWWWW" Screamed King. What? 
"King, bud, you k? "
"I got some I don't know what you call it, news? Yeah, and I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! ITS A REPORT FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY AND I AM NEVER A PART OF IT!"
"Problem is, I'm just a ghost. I don't know what go do either. Also your barely part of stuff because you suck." Replied Kaw. He later heard a voice saying, "He is not that bad and the report is outrageous. Due to my prospective, this discussion would be rather insuring with news."
That's the mustache guy using big words, his friend Sinister. He floated to Kaw right next to him and Kaw didn't want to see him. He's a plain like him bit everyone loves him because of his stupid mustache! King greated him with...a proper handshake?! 
'That's it' thought Kaw so he said in a mean manner, "Why are you here?" .  The Sinister looked at him and said, 
"The news."
King stood next to Kaw in his entry of the castle in front of the throne. He asked for him to tell the news due to the fact he was a wussy and didnt want to. 
" If you insist, King. Two days ago we got a message from the Water Balooon Country. Apparently other Water Balooons get kidnapped at night by the Robots. Turns out they lost peace from the Robots because the king saw one of his derives witness a kidnapp and saved the person. The Robots want them for slavery, of what they discovered. Now the Queen and King and all of the population got kidnapped in ships, Airplanes, Cars, everything to get them out fast. They left the Princess to sleep so if she went to their place to go and save them, she would be in a trap. She, the Princess discovered that. So she knows the Ghost more then the other species, so she asked us for help to go and save them. We all know the king can't do it for himself so I'm going and so are you Kaw."
Kaw, him, go a adventure with his lazy self? He saw his sister come from the kitchen with a knife. "I'm going to! The Princess sees me a lot because I go out a lot so she'll be OK with me." Kaw now has two decisions. One, Go with them and help the Princess, or stay home and be his lazy self. But what about those mean comments?
If he helped them, he could be.. Admired. Noticed to be a hero! A good one too! With the King and the big-mouth Sinister, he would have no problems! He told them in his normal self, " Alright. We'll go. But sister, don't go far. Stay with the group and don't act dumb. Like the king"
The king just said , "true."
"Anyway, point is, be careful. And Sinister, your watching my sister. " The Sinister just yelled, "WAIT WHAT?! I CAN'T TAKE CARE OF KIDS!"
"Do you want be to go or not?"
"I- uh- well- *sigh alright, but I'm not feeding her."
"Deal". So the group of the Ghosts opened the door for the day. The Sinister was close to the Kaws sister and didn't know her well. He wanted to ask, what's her name but he should wait until they meet the Princess. King was laying on Kaw and he wanted to slap him but 'he's the king '. 

They went on their adventure.
(this time, you don't have to read and of course you will because I said that but eh)

First rant of everything ehy. I'm just sick of this shit.
It has something to do with TragicCottons  and people calling her a attention whore.
COULD YOU LEAVE HER ALONE?! Tori is the sweetest girl I met and I hate when she's so sad. It makes me want to cuss at those jerks who say bull about her. 

Why are you continuing this people,  even through Tori is doing some vents to let it go LET HER DO IT. ARE YOU HER PARENTS? NO! As a matter of a fact, she's dealing with so much stuff right now that I feel like she is gonna stop. Stop living. THATS NOT GOOD RIGHT?! YES!

You wouldn't​ like it if you do some vents to let out your anger and all, and some others are stabbing you in the back saying, "oh________ is such a whore, _____ cause all of this" and some people AGREE???? That's not right huh?! 
Look she is dealing with so much she's losing friends! She almost lost me! I almost lost her! I don't want her to suffer. She has no dad or mom and is living with her grandma and she turning old. And whats more sad is that she's afraid of what to expect. Like is she receives a note she's gonna cry if it's bad. STOP THIS !!!


She had enough, let her be free. Not scared anymore! Always comfort her, support her, and be the one person considered as a true person. 

This has been going for so long, I forgot. So I'm doing this now for EVERYONE to spread to help this sweet lady. She only 15 guys . The more you know her, the more you'll love her. She is so sweet and if she's gone, I'll go insane! You have to realize, if she gone, it's your fault for being a jerk to her. So stop if you want her to be happy. I understand if your saying stop the vents because it's gonna happen more but don't call her names! Also, let her do what she wants to do, this site is meant FOR YOU TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. 

Love ya TragicCottons , and I'm here to support you.

Spread the word everyone, please, for her, to everyone!
Here's a little lol contest that I wanted to do so eyyyyy

Here's the rules:
-Be a watcher and if not it doesn't matter, anyone can join if the know the upcoming rules-
-May draw characters one or both together, don't mind.
-Must color it in, if paper, use crayon or anything colorfulish
-Be nice and other others if ya don't win, I might do another one in the future.

This contest is basically about you draw to two Disney characters, (see on profile page) and you don't have to draw the girl but if so, get extra credit. You'll be drawing Chaos and Laugh. Simple right? Well not really, you have to try your best so you can win! 

Anyone can join, not a "just watchers thing" let's be nice here. The characters are easy except Chaos he's taller then Laugh
(Chaos: the purple, blue , pinkish black cat with a hat)
(Laugh: the black ink eared guy with a Disney eye mask with brown pants and such)
(Lina(me): a red scarf with a adorable pastel orange shirt with gray pants and boots) 


And as always, have fun <3
I didn't get this form anyone, I did this


So everyone on the internet, not just DA, is talking about suicide. 

Suicide. Yes you read that! People below 8 and trying to kill themselves! At such a young age is going terrible! 2017 is known as the evil year. The president hatred, bombing, homeless 3 times worse, and murder nor suicide! Suicide is in the 5 top list people! If people are thinking of suicide, HELP THEM! They need you, even if they don't know or show it! I recently seen so many suicide journals, art, and status​ post about suicide! 

And you know what top this all off? THE BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE!! This is taking over half of the US, and anywhere else! This is bad!
People like TragicCottons is dealing with this. They need support, love, ANYTHING!!! Including The-Lucky-Rabbit and more! They need some help! Even if they just say, "I'll be just fine. " They're hiding it! This is terrible!!!!! And they have been like this for months, and I need some help to help them. they must know that they must break the fence to get to the gold. In other words, keep trying til you reach to freedom! Love! Anything they desire! 

If you are dealing with suicide, tell your parents. Someone who can help you. They will! But don't you DARE do the Blue Whale challenge. That is the worst game to do if you have a Happy life. You have to make yourself depressed and in twelve days, you kill yourself. Please for everyones sake, don't do it. EVER. 

If you ever think about suicide and are about to do it, think about your family. What will they do without you? Do you think they won't care? Of  course they will! Everyone like friends, family, people you know, will be totally different without you! What if one of them has a heart attack without you? What if, your boyfriend or girlfriend kills itself to? What if your Young sibling if you have one, runs away to a bad family who treats them crap? Just to meet someone like you? What if your Young sibling who is a baby didn't make it though it's time? What if that happens when your gone? Think about it. There is so much in the world reaching it's hand to you. You must grab it! 
NAME: Angelina but call me Lina. Call me Ange I will find you-all
AVERAGE NUMBER OF SLEEP: around 9 but I with it would be 12 :///////
LUCKY NUMBER: 14 and mmmmmmmm- ( no 69 plz)
LAST THING I GOOGLED: uhhh- i forgot -----
NUMBER OF WATCHERS:  311 ( tysm for over 300 watchers XD)
WHAT DO I POST: Series stuff for further notice, characters,  fanart, adopts
DO I RUN ANY OTHER BLOGS? : Wattpad,  PEN.UP, Used to for Amino but stopped and here
DO I GET A LOT OF COMMENTS: depends if I am a thing called, it's rare really, " FUNNY" .
WHY DID I CHOSE MY USERNAME?: Welp for starters is because I have a nick name called Lina, and I got Broz from something but I think because I like doing brofist?? I don't remember, but LinaBroz sounds cool eh?

Skylar2281 she tagged me

Here you do u memes
Slirth if u want meme
Tagged by martythezebragod94 

1.  Favorite childhood movie, or show?
( My Little Pony, and some very old show)
2. Favorite non dinosaur animal?
( Idk I have none I guess-)
3. Are you Optumis Prime in disguise?
(You better believe it, how'd you know human?)
4. Alex Hirsh or Rebecca suger?
( Rebecca suger? I don't know these people sry)
(yes I am Mr. Krabs, are you ready-)
6. Am I a nasty boy?
( Depends what you say to the lady's)
7. Least favorite moment of your life.
( When I figured out what 2+2 was In kindergarten)
8. Favorite BBC nature series
(What? None? Uhhh-)
9. On a scale from 1 to 10 how atheist are you?
( Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 2?)
10. *Bends over knee* will you marry me?)
(Depends if your sexy) ( idk) (leave me alone) (stop looking at me through the bushes) ( stop) (help me someone) (call the swat team)


1.Favorite character?
2.Worst YouTuber?
3.Bronies, furries, humans, demons, or monster? ( What species)
4.Mom or dad? ( Favorite?)
5.Are you god in disguise? If so, take me to heaven
6.Toys or figurines?
7.Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez?
8.Out of all of my characters who is you favorite? Don't know any? Answer this; suicide or death?
9.Favorite series from around the world?
10.SPARKLE SPARKLE-- *snorts cocaine*

Slirth if u want Mr. Meme
During his time, it was the revolution. The American revolution. The time where the British and colonist fought to the death. Captain mittens may be a African American, but he is a free one, who as a matter of a fact, part of the colonist. He had to clean the ships. Sucks for him but he doesn't know his future yet...
"Eugene!" Yelled Captain Phil. Eugene was Captain mittens first name. Eugene De Mittens. He got his mother's last name. Captain Phil looked worried as if the colonist were losing. That wasn't happening so it must be worse. " Y-yes capt'n? " Questioned Eugene. Phil himself sighed, so it must be bad news. Worse when Eugene as a kid heard his parents and his family died. Phil said in a quite tone, "We have a problem. Our best fighter died from a sickness and.... We need a new recruit. So I'm asking, for if you want, would you be interested in being a sailor?" .Eugene's heart froze. A sailor? He was only in his whole life a cleaner. He held Phil's hand and shaked nor gladly said, "count me in." He knows how to take someone down to death. So that's the reason why they liked to pick him. Eugene was only 25 years old. And yet you have to be 30 to be in a big part of this. Eugene guess they got rid of the rule. He followed Phil to his ship called Mother Balboa. The mother ship of all. Hard to take down. The recruits huddled to the entrance, ready in introduce Eugene in the team. "Eugene, " Phil said, " I would like you to meet your new helpers. Bob, Jake, rusty, miles, and Kathleen. " Bob looked buffy and had a red and white stripped shirt with blue ripped shorts. He had a black cap on his head with a x on it. He was a white hairy dude. Jake looked skinny and had blonde hair with a blue coat on. He must be the watcher. Also one of the colonist. Rusty looked, well, rusty. He was Mexican, and really short. Like 4'3. He was wearing no shoes. And of course, his feet were bloody. Miles looked clean, and he had black hair like rusty and he was tall as Phil. 6'2. And Eugene was 6'0. And the best for last, Kathleen. She looked beautiful, with brown long hair, and a red coat on. It has belts on her shoulders, and a captain hat on. She had blue eyes. Eugene fell in love. They all shaked Eugene's hand, and when Kathleen did, she winked her eye. I guess they both loved each other. Phil had a brownish coat on and a captain hat. His coat was ripped on the bottom but he looked like a captain.  Phil saw the love in Kathleen's eyes and he knew she was on love with the new recruit. She said the Phil, " he looks like the kind of a guy for the ship captain . He should be your partner sir. " Phil stood still. The last partner was the one who had a disease of cancer. He said, " I- uh- well, uh, I'll think about it.." and Phil walked to Eugene. Rusty started the ship, miles put out of the flag, and Bob threw the heavy barrels out to make it go faster.

And then they were off. 


Eugene was at the front of the ship, writing stuff to his diary. Jake walked up behind of him then went to his side like it was nothing. " Whatcha doing?" Asked Jake. He was extremely nosiy. Eugene hid his diary in his blue coat and said, "oh nothing! Just writing stuff mate. " Jake grabbed him by the arms to examine him. He looked to his head to his toes. What was happening? Jake said, " you look good for a captain. Phil has been a captain for 10 years to forget his past. " Said Jake. His past? Eugene questioned, " what past? "
Jake stood still but told him. " When he was little, his family was captains. They had recruit's and everything. He was 14 years old. When his parents went to a  place they weren't supposed to, they Germen Hessians landed right next to their ship with theres, the Hessians killed his parents and the others. They left Phil alone, to starve by taking
the food, water, blankets, all. He didn't know what to do alone. Luckily the ships from Boston found his very own ship and took him home. George Washington took him to a adoption center. Sadly no one wanted a disgusted boy. So George did until he was 19. And then he became a captain to carry his family's name. " Jake looked down, knowing he shouldn't have told him that. Eugene froze. Poor Phil. "I'm sorry to hear that, but he is a great captain. I somehow felt like I've been in his shoes before. But I didn't.", Said Eugene. Kathleen saw everything and reported to Phil. She told everything because she hates Jake and wants Phil to understand Eugene cares for him. She cares for Eugene and Phil too. Phil took Jake later and pushed him into the chamber. He hates him to. Then he walked to the front with Eugene. It soon was becoming dark. "So... You heard my past.. heh, strange huh? "Asked Phil. Eugene replied, " I feel sorry for you, I bet your parents are glad they see you as a Capt-"
"THE BRITISH SHIP! THE BRITISH ARE COMING, THE BRITISH ARE COMING!" Yelled Rusty. Jake busted out, and he broke the door, as ran up to the front. So did Miles, Bob, Rusty, and Kathleen. She held Eugene hand. Jake grabbed a telescope and looked through. He screamed like a girl and dropped it in the water. Rusty was right. Phil grabbed Eugene and pushed him inside the captains office. " I'm not gonna let you fight on first day Eugene! Hide!" And Phil ran off. The others had to hide to. Only Phil can Defeat them. Yet Eugene wanted to help. He busted through the door like Jake and took a sword hanging from a piece of wood, and ran to Phil. "EUGENE! LEAVE OR SO HELP ME I'LL-" the British ship bumped to the side of the Mother Ballboa. Phil and Eugene fell to the side. The British jumped in their ship and ran at full speed.

Then the whole world turned black.


The British took out their swords to attack Phil. Eugene pushed them off on him and kicked them off the ship to drown. Phil got up and killed the British behind Eugene. But there were only 6 left. 
One pushed Phil off the ship.
"PHIL!" yelled Eugene. Phil was drowning. They somehow put some heavy thing on his ankle to make him drown faster. Eugene killed one, two, three, four, and the rest. Then he jumped in the water to get him before it was to late. Down, down, deep Phil went and Eugene swam closer and closer and eventually got him. He unlocked the heavy thing and swam up. When he did, he gasped for air. Phil was in his arms. He looked like he wasn't breathing. "SOMEONE HELP! HELP!" yelled Eugene. He held Phil closer to his face and said softly, " it's gonna be ok, don't you worry. " And he shed a tear.. is he dead? Jake threw a rope down and Bob held the end. Eugene grabbed it and Bob lifted him up. When Eugene got on the ship, he layed Phil down. He pumped his chest, more, and more, then he stopped. He was truly gone... Everyone bowed their heads and Kathleen hugged Eugene and sobbed on his shoulder. He hugged her to. But then, out of nowhere​, Phil was alive. He coughed water out and gasped for air. " Your alive!" Yelled Eugene. He ran to Phil's arms and hugged him. And so did everyone else. " I-I thought- you- you w-were dea- dead! " Yelled Eugene and cried on Phils shoulder. "I'm ok Eugene.. don't you worry... "
Then they lived their lives happily during the Revolution.
Eugene was 35 years old. He was the second Captain. Phil was his boss, and Kathleen had a big surprise for Eugene. "Phil lass, I need the rope to tie this. " Asked Eugene. They called him Captain Mittens. He was incredible! Phil gave him rope and he tied the barrels together. Kathleen was behind the boys. The boys smiled. "What's all this laddy?" Asked Mittens. Kathleen said, " will you.."
She went on the floor and bent her knee. She pulled out a.... Ring.
"Will you marry me?" 
He blushed. This was the beginning of a new life. He said while holding her hands, "yes."
For pirates, they didn't care if a woman asked for marriage, not at all. Phil said, " are you ready to be a captain of your own? When your now married, you get to have your own ship, your own recruit's, own everything. Are you ready?" Asked Phil. He thought for a moment and said finally, " I am." 
Then they started their own life. Phil was gone with the others. They as usual, are around Yorktown. And Mittens and Kathleen Mittens were around Canada.

And more years have passed, and they loved each other so much, they wanted a baby.


"Daddy! Daddy! Wake up! I wanna show you something!"
It was their daughter, named Kacy. She had brown hair and was around Mexican type skin. She had a white coat. One of the mini colonist. Mittens got up and so did his wife. They are tired but they were proud their baby is 10 finally. She can do chores. Mittens is quite overprotective with Kacy, and hopes she stays away from the ocean after the Phil accident. They got up and followed Kacy to the end of the ship. "Kacy, what have I told you about not being at the end of the boat-"
"Eugene, she's 10, she's gonna be fine."
"Hopefully, I don't want her to get hurt during this time of the revolution!"
Kacy just looked at her father, and wonders why is he so protective over her? She later poked her head over the end of the ship, and Eugene fastfully reacted to grab her arms so she won't fall. "Dad! You scared me.. look!" She pointed at the water. Dolphins. Huge beautiful ones. They are rarely seen throughout the seven seas. Eugene hold her hand to keep her close. "Can we go on the mini boat and pet em' daddy???"
"Kacy! Remember the rules! The water is dangerous​, even if it had cute creatures. If your on my ship or in my own home, you live on or over my rules. You must follow them sweetie."
Said Eugene. Kacy looked down, then looked at the dolphin's. She just wants to swim with them. Hours later during sunset, Kathleen grabbed Eugene and went in the office of their own. So they are gonna have a pep talk. " Eugene, she is not a little kid anymore, your protective side is over. If she said she's gonna be fine, then she'll be fine. "
"Kathleen, look at her, she's in the war of our lives, and if she gets lost or hurt, someone will.. *sigh , she will get in more trouble. I want to keep her safe. Now, it's dark. Let's get to bed." Said Eugene. 

During sleep~

Kacy went out of bed and we go to the edge of the ship. She saw the dolphin's again. Why are they still here? They went under and flew up, and splash! Kacy got all wet and hoped that didn't wake up her parents. Strangely, they glowed. Wow, she thought. She looked at the mini boat at the stair way of the ship. She then looked at her parents.
Then she went to get the boat. She got on and untied the the ends to make it go in the water. Splash! She moved violently, and stopped still. She got the paddles and used it carefully to get closer to the dolphin's. She wasn't following dad's rules. She got close to the dolphin's and petted one. Then two. They squealed with delight, and splash everywhere. It made a lot of noice! The parents didn't hear. " Now cuties. I wanna name u three. Your
.. let use my dad friends names. Your.. Phil! And yourr Jake, and you'll be Rusty! There we go! Hehe. " Said Kacy. She smiled and kissed one in the head and one.. made a huge splash.

Then here's the double.


She screamed because it sounded so loud. She covered her mouth. She screamed like she was hurt. She heard her parents footsteps. She had to think of something, anything! She saw bags and a knife nor a black robe. How about she make a person out of bags, put the coat on, and made the doll grab a knife near her neck! No, that's to weird. Something would be up-
It was her father.
Oh no!
"KACY! WHAT HAPPENED, ARE U HURT- wait a moment.. YOU-" Kathleen interrupted and said, "you went in the water to pet the dolphins? She's ok Eugene-"
"Your grounded Kacy! You broke the rule, THE IMPORTANT RULE! get out of the boat. "
Kacy had to say something, and if ain't gonna be pretty. "Dad! No! What's with this stupid rule anyway? "
Don't you dare talk to me like that Kacy!"
"Dad, No. What's with this stupid rule! Are u afraid for the ocean?!"
"I'm trying to protect you like a true father!"
"WHAT IF I DON'T NEED A FATHER!" Yelled Kacy..Eugene froze.  He heard if from his own daughter... Kacy looked at the water and didn't look back at him. Eugene walked to his room, head down. Kathleen said, " sweetie, you didn't mean that right? "
"No I didn't... I just had to say something, why did that come out.."
"I'll talk to your father, and you can stay here for right now. You'll be grounded for the week."
"You broken a rule, I have to do something. If I wasn't here, he'll ground you for a month. It won't be as bad, I'll talk to him."
"Ok mom." Kacy said, and Kathleen walked in the room and saw him, face down. " Does she.. not love me Kath? " Said Eugene. 
"No, she's sorry. She just loves the ocean.. she is still grounded for breaking the rule, but still.. she's sorry." 
"I think she's right.. oh what's the point! She hates me and it's all my fault.. I'm sorry.. "
"No! It is not your fault.. let's get Kacy."
"AHHH!" Yelled Kacy.
"KACY! KATHLEEN RUN!" Yelled Eugene. When they got there, They saw Kacy... Some huge boat was in front of theirs and it came from the ocean. A woman was at the top and jumped down and landed right in front her Kacys face. "U-u-uhh- hello m-m-mamm..."
It was the evil captain of all... Captain Forsawex. 


Kacy felt fear go down her spine. Was it the evil Captain? Hard to say, there are many. She said in frightening way, " Well are you the cutest girl I've ever seen!, What be your name laddy? "
"K-kacy...., Y-you?"
"Captain Forsawex! Just call me Wex. And there be your parents ey?"
Captain mittens stood still, hoping she won't hurt her. " What do you want from us? Leave my family alone!" Said Eugene. Kathleen stood behind Eugene, and he stood there hoping her to go away. " Well I, Forsawex, is here because my ship broke down and surprisingly, it rised up from the water and you crashed into it. I'm not dead, I was able to survive in the water . For a long time exactly. ". They stood in silence. Forsawex picked up the girl and Eugene​ got in fast reaction. " LET HER GO!"
"RELAX! I'm not gonna hurt her, I'm just gonna look at her. You know, she's got your hair Eugene. " Kathleen said in a reaction, " wait, you guys KNOW each other?"
"Well of course we know each other, we met when we were kids! I made him a free negro! It cost a lot but I didn't care. "
 She looked in Kacys eyes. " Eugene, she's got your wife's eyes. So blue! Like the ocean at Hawaii! " Said Forsawex. Eugene had to do something, something to make Kacy safe. But there was nothing to do except... " If you let Kacy alive, I'll let you stay until you find a ship. BUT DON'T EVER TOUCH MY DAUGHTER." said Eugene. Kathleen saw Forsawex drop Kacy and Kacy ran towards Kathleen. Eugene​ hugged Kacy and so did Kathleen. Forsawex never witnessed having kids or love. She only saw fear, hatred, sadness, and no happiness towards her. She looked at them in total  silence. She said " offer accept." 

Later when it was morning around 12:34, Kacy saw Forsawex looking at the ocean. She smiled at the fish, and her eyes glowed. She is some... Demon. She is dead! No one has white shin like paper. Kacy walked up and stand right next to her. "You like the ocean? And are you... You..." 
"Dead? Yeah, I am. Demons can turn mortal, and be in disguise. The skin won't change. I've been dead for a month from drowning. My ship had been there for a month. "
"I won't tell my parents. But how do you know my daddy?"
"Long time ago, when we were kids. We been separated from his master. But I freed him, and I had to leave. We begin to hate each other. It's been a hard life for me. I didn't have love. And I never witnessed it. "
"I never knew.. well I care for you. "



"I'm starting to get worried about our daughter, Kathleen..."
"Oh give it a break, will you? Forsawex and her are fine!"
"How do you know that?!"
Forsawex and Kacy are playing, and sort of talking at the end of the ship. While the parents are inside the office. Eugene is walking back on forth steadily. " I have to do some-" he felt water pushing the ship. "What's that? Kathleen, get them inside-"
Forsawex remembers that ship... The one that took her down to hell. She grabbed Kacy and pushed her inside. Something Terrible is about to happen!  She got her sword ready. Eugene said, " Forsawex! What are you doing! What's happening!"
"We're being attacked!!"The ship was huge, and old. Wonder who's in there. Must be the British ship! 
The attack began. 
Slash! Nump! She was hitting at full speed! More soldiers came out to kill her. She wouldn't​be able to survive it! Kacy got up to get a knife. She wants to help. "KACY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Yelled Eugene. You know who protective he gets. 
"I want to help her! She needs help!"
"You are not going up there! It's to dangerous! "
"I'm sorry dad, but I need to help her." And she ran outside, already attacking.
"KACY!!! NO!!"
Eugene ran outside going to get her. Forsawex looked at Kacy, by her side, and Eugene, running to get her. 


Forsawex was pushed to the side of the ship, not Kacy . Who got hurt? Kacy. the soldiers must've hit her. Forsawexes heart (is she had one ) froze. She ran to them trying to scare them back on there ship. And so, they did. She stood still land looked back at her, seeing Eugene holding her, hand on the back if the head, looking at her.
She's alive?


"Kacy?...." Eugene  held her down, to make her speak if so. "D-Dad..."
"Kacy!! Are you ok? Everything is going to be alright, I promise!" 
Eugene looked at her cut, it's huge, Enough for death. Hopefully someone of the ship is a medical person. He held her head to his, and Kacy said, " I should've listened huh... I'm sorry.."
"It wasn't your fault, it was mine. I should've​went a better direction, I should've been a better father.."
"You are a good father." Replied Kacy. Eugene started crying on her shoulder. Poor Eugene, Forsawex thought. But Kacy did a strong thing, and she started coughing blood. 
Lots of blood. 
"Kacy, KACY? Come on, talk to me! "
She kissed his cheek at let out her final breath. 
And she's gone. Everyone including Forsawex sobbed, and felt bad. Why her? It shouldn't​Happen, and now Eugene helds her to his head and says things, hard to hear, and layed her down. Forsawex pounded the side of the ship and fell to her knees. 

Two days have passed, where Kacys body layed in her room, and Eugene​ lays in his bed, face in the pillow. Kathleen sat on the side and put her hand on his side. " She's gone Kathleen.... It's my fault..."
"No it isn't, it's the British... They killed her..."
"I don't deserve to be a father.... This is my fault! " He hit the bed and put his had jnfwr his pillow, again, face in. 
Forsawex was hearing everything from the other side of the door, and she went to the end of the ship where the dolphins used to be when Kacy around..
There were none. 
Her eyes glown and she looked down and saw, a dolphin that glowed. Only dead things glow..
"Be free, for you'll be safe there..." 
And she looked at the sun set.
So yeah, stuff.
I'm stopping Wardens Kidnapp but I'm still keeping my character, Bina. And I'm single again, keep that in mind. I am again, still  working on Demon Gang, Extravaganza. I'm might still be working on The Wonderland hearts. I'm almost done with softball, yey! After my game tonight, I have no games for 12 days but after my game, I only have three games next. Uhh, about softball, i won't be doing as much here. Like art. There is no softball during the weekend so yeah.

Also I'm moving away. Getting to a new  house with my mom's friend. It had three rooms, two bathrooms, amazing backyard, big kitchen, I'm abandoning my baby cats... sad. We can only bring two. So we picked Diva and Loo-Loo. The baby  and the baby's mom will be homeless... and maybe die... hopefully not tho.

I'm doing more characters, and I have a LOT... 

And that's it. Love ya!! <333
So a months ago, I had a mom cat that now have baby's and I now have a lot of cats. The two main ones are named Loo-Loo and diva. Diva is my cat. 

So a few weeks ago, my mom told me that diva is.. 
Going to die.
Because, she was... Raped by a pitbull and now she has a infection. Where I live, it cost a lot to get my cat alright. I now visit her every morning to pet her, feed her, and care for her. When cats try to eat her food, I give diva more. I Love my cat to much.
The pitbull However, it still around. But at his own home.

The reason I'm telling you this is, I hope you could pray for her. I know it's just a animal but it's a animal who was here when I was so young. And I just want you guys to really pray for her, not say you are to make me feel better, do it.

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Bring in 3 or more characters. And add 3 or more people to do this.

1. Captain Mittens
2.taco cat
6.BoB(oh god)
7.and Mothia

How'd u become demon?

Captain: well, I drowned in the ocean near my ship in 1780. Around 300 years ago. I'm still young. Why ask mate?
Taco: meowwwww
Lina: well I'm not dead but all the villains want to kill me! (Help)
Bonute: by being hanged in 1723. First my love and then me. Now leave. :/
VoodooFreak: I died from ... Idk, can't remember. Suicide? No, murder! No, idk.
Mothia: murder from falling. We done now?

Who's your greatest friend?

Captain: it will have to be Lucy the Demotic Dream Angel. She now's how I feel. We suffer the same thing.
Taco: hisssss meow.
Lina: that's a hard question, uhh Hyperbolt? We've been around ever since we were kids. He was terrible in a way.
Bonute: coyote. Idk why but I don't like to have friends but hell, he's here.
VoodooFreak: RAINBOWS!!!! 
Mothia: Dr. Villainy. Now shut up. ( Neroooop)


But just make 10 questions to others
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so this morning i got in a car crash. here's how it went.

so my mom was dropping me and my sis to our school in our old car. the brakes were not so good but good enough to drive in. so a guy in front of us is driving normal in the main street on a green light. somehow, he stopped and wasn't supposed to. he would get  ticket. but no one stopped in front if him. so when he did, my mom had to turn to not crash until she accidentally crashed into another car. my elbow smashed onto the door, my legs moved in a bad way causing it to be sore, and my sisters neck almost got cut from the set belt strap. she could've died if so but my mom was ok and so was my sis and me. well, sorta. my sis'es neck is not so bad, but bad and my elbow nor legs were kinna bad. so my mom got in COMPLETE rage at the other care that she accidentally smashed into. but it wasn't anyone's fault but the other car we smashed into couldn't pay for our car, due to the fact ht are car was more destroyed then the other car.  so my sis and i took a pic of their licence plate just in case. but it was soon over and here's the question, why did the car in front of us stop during he was supposed to go? how are we supposed to fix our car? those questions will soon be answered but in other words, car crash happened, i'm ok, there you go. 
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       I am the master of being the most lazy person on earth YEAHHHHHHH

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          Yes, my sister, MarshietheDoll . ( I'm so lonely)

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         Idk, 4 In the morning. ?? Idk. My time got screwd up.

Question four:   favorite OC based on someone you know/knew in real life?
          Well my sister is based off on one of my characters, Marshie. The one eye demon. It's mostly my sister's OC. 

Question five: how deep is your love?

Deeper then anything. Just saying!

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