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Some scene I traced and colored in for funsies :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 9 12 The Minister :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 20 11 Luna and Mr. :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 15 2 stop :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 13 8 minister hollwerd :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 10 14 Ask The Admin :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 2 10 I'm the Lord Stingray! :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 11 3 We're gonna have to fight them together :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 11 8 Welcome!! :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 13 8 Me in fursona mode send help- :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 21 20 Adopts 3 :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 7 0 Superjail! :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 8 5 Skylar2281 :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 17 10 War is hard but we will survive :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 10 0 I have this feeling :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 15 6 M.M.M 2 :iconlinabroz:LinaBroz 11 0
this art be the one and only, me!


Aku :icondr-angel23:Dr-Angel23 8 3 Talk Dirty to Creeps! (HL Crapmation) :iconkibadoglover45:kibadoglover45 118 11
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he harasses gays and uses the lords name in vain..  isn't god suppose to love all his children? please be a supporter and have this insensitive human being calmly removed from the whole internet- gosh he's such a wierdo... you don't hate someone for their sexuality. 
if you do believe in rights for gay's please report him using this
don't bother trying to talk to him.. he will report you
:icondimzydaylight:DimzyDaylight 2 29
Mimikyu Alison :iconpastel-strawberry:Pastel-Strawberry 24 2 Sassy feline :iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 69 15
Attention All
Any and evey person who is friends with my GF, Kiara, pay attention. I am trying not to sob as I type this, my heart is sore. I got a call from her brother saying that she had been hit by a truck while crossing a parking lot into the store just over an hour ago. She's currently in a coma and I'm sitting beside her bed in the hospital.
Please, anyone friends with her, find the heart to ask whoever it is you ask for her healing.
:iconnikki-smurfling: I will be on and off her account every now and then, but not to reply to comments or anything.
:iconblizzardhoof:BlizzardHoof 3 110
*new* Alison Sakura :iconpastel-strawberry:Pastel-Strawberry 40 2 OPEN : Gaia Adopts OTA :iconvioleta-adopts:Violeta-Adopts 12 48 Hello kitty you're so pretty :iconpastel-strawberry:Pastel-Strawberry 26 1 I need a gingerbread man :iconpastel-strawberry:Pastel-Strawberry 37 10 Welp :iconfreakly-silent:Freakly-Silent 20 5 Aaayyye - Gift :iconcookiecupcakesgalore:CookieCupcakesGalore 8 2
Please check some of my buddies galleries out
and last but not least
If I missed anyone of my buddies let me know
Have a good day <33
:iconfreakly-silent:Freakly-Silent 6 9
oh wow 8D
Finally, portfolio class is allowing me to make a website on my stuff for future employers to see. 
Something useful since I never have tie to do much for my own stuff cuz of school.
A website from scratch though with HTML and photoshop cuz well that's the professional way to make it and not use a blog or those cheap website makers since those won't work for the industry. Professor said it'll be easy the way he will teach us.
:iconfreakly-silent:Freakly-Silent 1 1
Angel :iconsnowheart121:snowheart121 2 7
I'll never find anyone
Everyone has someone, except for me. I try to hide this because I don't want to seem like an attention whore, everyone doesn't even like me, so what's the point of life. The only answer I have is to kill my self,,,,I don't want to deal with this anymore,,,,I'm sorry but I'm not strong enough to deal with this,,,I'm sorry I'm sorry. I'm alone at this point. I'm so tired of this bullshit,,,,
:iconpastel-strawberry:Pastel-Strawberry 1 15
Dis amazing art that I WUV! ( Favorites)



So this guy named PeytonTheRiolu hates fucking gay people and harasses people. Fucking bastard! He says it's. " A sin towards God" no it fucking isn't! I go to church and my paster said FROM THE BIBLE that being gay isn't bad and why. It's like saying , that you can't have parents you love you and you can't have a friend. Wth?? Also he harassed people so please report him for the two reasons. I support the LGBT community and he's burning it down! Report and move on!
I wonder why Pastel-Strawberry is always sad when she does status post. She has an amazing life! She has a wonderful gf, (good looks) and probably a great family! She could be rich! 

But why is she so sad about, "loneliness, no friends, and who's better" . That's the question of the day. I hope she's ok... And that she doesn't do suicide. I remember when she said that I always stopped her from doing suicide- but it's over now. Hopefully button could help her like I did. :/
Hangouts? I had to reset so I need my friends accounts again-
Cough cough- Buttonland Pastel-Strawberry Skylar2281 Bunaberry and I have a new email and I won't tell it out loud so note me and I'll tell you but I think LinaBro is still my username? IDK
If anyone does a icon of Bina and Lord Stingray or just me with The Minister, you will​ receive maybe-

Three characters
A comic strip short
Add on friend list and great ver-
2 edit drawings

One of those you can choose. And if you do a animation icon with me and the Minister, or Bina and Lord Stingray, you can pick two things and if you pick three characters, you will get more then three. Like 4 or five. And if you pick a comic short, you will receive a long one.

- Me and The Minister
-Bina and Lord Stingray

One of those people. You can't do just one person, it won't be aloud. And have fun if your interested!

Some scene I traced and colored in for funsies
Remember, I still love superjail. I picked a random scene and traced it and colored it my way, to make the scene look better. The other or mine? 

I also wanted to do this to kittyfelcon  because her and I love superjail!! 
This scene had The Mistress and Lord Stingray. 
Superjail ©AdultSwim
Art by me
I'm so lonely
I have no body
All on my oneohhhahhhhhhhh-

(I'm sorry but me without a gf or bf is so hard-)
The Minister
I.. am a Artist!!! 

This looks amazing- *Pat's back*
Luna and Mr.
For Violeta-Adopts for her adopts! Apparently, you don't pay for it, but you do a set trade. So I offered two characters for two of hers!
There's something I want to tell you, but it might be illegal because it includes police BUT NO ONE GOT ARRESTED!! it's just some accident with my aunt, but if you want to know, I can only tell one. But note me. AND IF I TELL U, SHUT UP ABOUT IT PLZ-


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Your welcome!!!!
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Thanks for the watch! :iconasdfghplz:
LinaBroz Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Your welcome!!
kittyfelcon Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
//walks in//

Where am I

*sees the Warden *
LinaBroz Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Yis :3

Welcome to Stingrays Superjail
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